focus on your business while the metrosky expert team watch over your infrastructure 24x7x365

With comprehensive round the clock monitoring and alerting, let us help you avoid costly downtime by watching and reacting to any issues on your servers. With comprehensive, definable incident response and on-demand patching, security and updates, we've got your back

Cinque Terre

Round the clock, around the globe

Watching all key metrics in real time, 24x7x365, our Techs will respond to all alerts, investigate fully and restore services as rapidly as possible so you can get a good night's sleep!

Service Level Agreements

Get the enhanced security of a single tenant server with physically isolated compute, storage and networking layers as well as platform firewalling as standard.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Installation, Migration, Securing

24 / 7 / 365 comprehensive support and management of your hybrid servers as standard, let us take care of all patching, management and operation of your dedicated hardware, right out of the box, ready to go!.

Comprehensive logging, metrics and insight

As a hybrid component of our enterprise Public Clouds, you benefit from centralised Snapshots, Backups, Monitoring and template support, as well as NAS Storage access and more.

Cinque Terre

Your 24x7x365 Metrosky Team Are Ready And Waiting

Managed Resonse FAQ:

Can I designate which servers are to be managed?

Yes, you can pick and choose which servers you want managed. The service is provided by resource pool and location, so you can move managed response servers to their own pool, and maintain sandbox or pre-production pools you don't need the service for.

What's included in the monitoring?

We use the excellent, enterpsie Zabbix monitoring platform, distributed across all our clouds. We fully configure all metrics and monitors of your choice once enrolled - you choose what to monitor, what frequency, the validation and the alerting paths you prefer

What's included in the migration service?

We'll move all content, configuration and settings from your current server to our clouds, at no cost. We'll also help with DNS and any other areas needed - contact us for more details!

Can I buy one-off time for other things?

Yes, you can access the Metrosky techs on an hourly basis for any project, bespoke requirement or area not covered above. Managed response clients also get 25% discount on our hourly rates.

Still have a question? Ask us! We're here to help, 24x7x365.