baremetal private cloud

MetroSky bare-metal cloud offers a large degree of flexibility. Your company can customize its bare-metal cloud installation based on your unique needs and then you can troubleshoot applications as your wish. You don’t even have to worry about how that might affect neighboring virtual machines.


safe, secure and global

Choose your private cloud and let us build platforms that are end to end PCI-DSS compliant, meet Healthcare or Government standards requirements or adhere to ISO standards for your corporate clients or compliance needs.

multi-site replication & failover

Replicate your cloud to other private or Virtual Private Cloud on our Public platforms in any locations for 100% uptime and availability and complete DR for total peace of mind.


standardised hardware & software platform

Our Private clouds are known, guaranteed configurations, built to optimize performance and redundancy at all points based on years of experience of running public cloud infrastructures at scale. We deliver a turn-key solution, ready on day 1 for you to deploy virtual servers and get to work infinitely scalable as you grow.

total control

Choose from Xen, KVM or VMware Hypervisors with On App Industry leading orchestration. 100% Single tenant architecture, completely dedicated to you, backed by our 1000% SLA and 24/7/365 comprehensive support.



Easy management with GUI, API and APPs for your and your clients

AnyCast DNS and CDN included as standard

Load Balancing and scaling features out of the box

Failover and High Availability

Total control over users, roles, permissions and resources

Huge VM Template Library - Linux, BSD, Windows and hundreds of ready to use OneClick apps


Maintenance and management of the hardware, operating system, networking, storage, Offload the build, and hypervisor / orchestration stack to us as standard - focus entirely on your servers and service delivery.

Automate deployment of workloads and services via the easy-to- use Apps, API and GUI.

DRASS for you in house or current cloud platforms.

Upgrade your hosting services to the cloud - Private On-App cloud is built for service providers and SAAS solutions.

Host your production Applications and critical workloads in a predictable, isolated environment.

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