MetroSky, is a fully automated cloud service platform. It brings together buyers and sellers to conduct business on a single platform. Rather than building out a comprehensive and multi-layered infrastructure, resellers can leverage the pre-built, flexible platform to purchase, provision, manage and invoice technology solutions for their end- user customers.

We are firmly convinced that IT automation will help companies to work quicker and be more agile in their market.MetroSky makes it really easy to deploy, run and scale applications. Set up an environment in a few seconds; deploy, scale, install and integrate add-ons in a snap.

Focus on your job, deliver faster, work happier.



Founded in 2001


Support is the key to well-managed framework. Available 24/7 and fully comprehensive without charge - most of our competition would define our support level as ‘fully managed’.


Focus solely on cloud based Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) means we have no other distractions and can innovate relentlessly.


Investment in the best possible support teams and physical infrastructure to deliver what you need - performant, reliable servers and storage in the cloud at budget prices!.

METROSKY advantages


Nationwide Coverage & Strategic Alliances

Our vast and constantly growing footprint spans in 64 districts maintaining 350 plus Points of Presence (POPs) across the country partnering with Telco and NTTNs. We can transport profitable services in a consistent and reliable manner, providing a high quality of experience to an entirely new generation of subscribers. Our network supports the bandwidth and network requirements for any organization small, medium or large.

Record breaking performance

We have broken records in data sorting technology, anti-DDoS protection, and processing of transactions per second.


End-2- End Communication with Advanced Optical Fiber Network Technology

We gained in-depth knowledge for last 16 years, we know downtime means great loss for any business therefore the network was designed with low latency and backed by highly reliable redundant backbones; we assure our customers operation can run smoothly, efficiently and without interruption, the quality and reliability of our services is guaranteed in terms of service levels.


Cisco UCS, DELL Blade servers and SSD storage guarantee performance and reliability and also allow a true high performance, enterprise architecture without any compromise.

Built on a massively redundant architecture with no single point of failure, multiple clustered hardware and high-end blade servers, we have leveraged our know-how in delivering a platform designed to scale and grow while maintaining industry leading uptime.

A fully redundant Cisco UCS and DELL network links all nodes providing blisteringly fast network throughput, internet access and storage access.

What our customers say?

“Currently, 11 of our servers are hosted at METROSKY. They have provided substantial assistance in terms of tech support and which has enabled us to expand our business. More importantly, they qualify the specifications for finance, legal compliance, risk control and security. Thanks!”


“With METROSKY we can set up server with a few clicks, have the flexibility to scale in real-time, automated back-ups leverage and the benefits of built-in security. We are happy with our decision to move to METROSKY “.


“Cloud hosting with METROSKY has proven to be the wisest investment we have made for our business in years. The high level of support constantly exceeds our expectations and that along with the reliability and power of the services provided mean METROSKY offers truly exceptional value for money. We wholeheartedly recommend METROSKY to anybody that wants reliable & high-quality hosting with proper 24/7 support.


“We recently moved our complete hosting infrastructure to METROSKY and it has been one of the best decisions we have made in a long time. The level of customer support, technical advice and efficiency of service is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending METROSKY to any potential client whether you are a SME or a large corporate customer, METROSKY can customize their packages to suit you. Well done and thanks”.


“METROSKY absolutely rocks! We have been using them for going on two years and have always been impressed. Whether it is a sub-2minute response time to newly submitted tickets or the willingness to roll-up their sleeves and dive into managed service issues, they always go above and beyond to help customers.Thanks!”